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"It's Just a Shirt!"

“Come on Bill, it’s just a shirt.” A simple response of “no thank you” would have caused less consternation. As a minister I’m used to rejection on any number of fronts even though my skin is not as thick as I need it to be at times. The response actually reminds me of a solid backbone-truth I’d like to pass along (from Max Lucado actually): “A good pilot does what it takes to get his passengers home.” A little turbulence is to be expected in life, and we prepare for the major storms as best we can. Mindfulness of the unity of passengers is also a key to a peaceful and successful flight because we're in this journey together.

A central challenge is obvious across Christendom - churches are smaller than they used to be. Many people still have eyes only for the larger churches and while God has a place for them let’s not be

blind to the blessings God offers through a smaller church. We are a congregation blessed with GREAT people, GREAT servants, GREAT love for our community, GREAT talents, and God's GREAT presence. If something as simple as a church sign, working with crafts or getting soaked on VBS water day, or even wearing a t-shirt and/or participating in the Memorial Day parade to honor servicemen and women draws attention to God’s blessings at the Springfield Church of Christ? I’m all in. So it’s more than “just a shirt,” it’s an invitation excitedly urging, “you’ve got to get in on this and check it out!” God is so good - and we experience Him together as His church!

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