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Blinded By the Light

Paul was certain of two things: God had set him apart before he was born as a target of divine pleasure and grace - and in an out-of-control season of borderline explosive disorder and hatred. Hard to believe a man can be certain of God’s direction and yet seethe with aggression towards others … or himself. While 99% of the people I know would never go on a murderous rampage they nonetheless do more harm to their own souls by distancing themselves from the Good Shepherd’s pathway to aimlessly drift down paths of depression, discouragement, and defeated. Shame and failure become tools of the adversary to defeat and crush the heart of praise he was made for. It was the great risk, and yet Paul said:

“I’m sure that you’ve heard the story of my earlier life when I lived in the Jewish way. In those days I went all out in persecuting God’s church. I was systematically destroying it. I was so enthusiastic about the traditions of my ancestors that I advanced head and shoulders above my peers in my career. Even then God had His eye on me…”. (Galatians 1:13-15)

Let me assure your friends that whether your blood is running hot or cold, whether your anger has turned outward or inward, whether this is a green season of your life or your soul feels like the drought stricken lands of your own Damascus … God may not interrupt until His divine derailment can have its greatest impact. He can change everything about our lives dramatically and in an instant. For Paul it was a period of blindness as Jesus interrupted his murderous journey to Damascus, but the interruption came in God’s good time to remind Saul - God is in control. No matter what you face together or in solitude these days please remember that reality. God is in control no matter what. Of job opportunities, of ministries, of relationships, of the destiny of nations and individuals. And if you happen to be knocked to your knees by a rogue cascade of light? If your sight is limited by temporal blindness or reliance on others? Let the waves etch the shores of your soul with the presence of God. Then may it be said of you like Saul who became Paul, “And they praised God because of me.” (Galatians 1:24)

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