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Stay on Track!

At Rocky Railway, kids explore Jesus’ power in them and how we can trust Jesus—not our own strength—to pull us through life’s challenges. COVID-19

has come through our lives like a freight train and derailed countless plans, routines, and expectations. This summer, more than ever, the kids in your community need the hope, reassurance, and abundance of God’s love through the unique ministry of VBS. The Bible Points for Rocky Railway are so relevant.


Jesus’ power helps us do hard things. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power gives us hope. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power helps us be bold. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power lets us live forever. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power helps us be good friends. Trust Jesus!


We all need to trust Jesus’ power to pull us through these unprecedented times!


June 21-25

6:00 p.m. - 8:30p.m.


1620 Buck Creek Lane

Springfield, OH


Creation Truth Foundation


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