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Staying Safe!

During this crazy year of Covid-19 we’ve all gotten good at maintaining social distancing and taking precautions. As we prepare for VBS, we continue to practice those things which will keep everyone safe. Masks will not be required, but are optional. We will limit the number of people inside the building and make use of every opportunity to be outside. Sanitation of all surfaces will completed regularly. Hand washing will be promoted and sanitizer and masks will be available. Snacks and drinks offered to the kids will be in individually sealed containers and proper precautions will have been taken in their preparation.

Most importantly, remember that trusting in Jesus for our safety is the best thing we can do. 


 Jesus’ power helps us do hard things. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power gives us hope. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power helps us be bold. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power lets us live forever. Trust Jesus!

Jesus’ power helps us be good friends. Trust Jesus!


We all need to trust Jesus’ power to pull us through these unprecedented times!

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